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Black Lives Matter

We support Black communities and will continue to speak out against systemic oppression as we highlight racial wage gaps and workplace discrimination. We need to work together and amplify marginalized voices in our communities as we take actionable steps towards a better, more just society.

(definition) Wage Gap : The difference in average salaries between groups of people. Those belonging to minority groups tend to receive lower pay.

The wage gap is a result of prolonged discrimination and inequality.

Help spread information by checking out and sharing our Statistics page, where you can compare salaries across groups of people. If you would like to anonymously contribute to the database, fill out a Wage Report.

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(definition) Workplace Discrimination: A form of discrimination in a place of employment based on factors such as race, gender, orientation, identity, disability, religion, etc.

Workplace discrimination can affect a person's chances of getting recruited & promoted and results in inequity in the workplace.

Read other's experiences with workplace discrimination on the Incidents page. And if you have your own account to share, feel free to fill out an Incident Report.

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