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Based on the data we gathered from our community members, below is a list of graphs illustrating the diversity and wage gaps in society and specific job sectors. We analyze race, gender, age, and job sectors to illustrate their intersectionality. Pay equity is often overlooked when analyzing racism. Many studies show how minorities receive less than their equally qualified colleagues. Precisely, the average hourly wage for African Americans is $36.23 and $44.36 for that of white people. By shining light on these statistics, our aim is to address workplace discimination and demand equal pay where it is due.

The Effects of Race and Gender on Wage

In the chart below, you can see the average wages of different people based on their race and gender. It is important to acknowledge that many factors such as race and gender are interconnected and can all influence how one is compensated.

Race and Gender

To see data for specific groups, click the corresponding colour in the legends of the graphs.

(definition) Intersectionality: A theoretical framework that outlines the interconnected nature of a person's race, gender, and class identities and how they overlap to create different types of discrimination and privilege.

The Effects of Age on Wage in Relation to Race and Gender

The following graphs show the wage gap for people of different races and genders as they progress in life and their careers.

Race and Age

Generally, minority groups face more discrimination in the work system and end up having a harder time getting access to promotions and higher level opportunities.

Gender and Age

The Division of Race by Field of Work

Press the buttons below to see the distribution of people who contributed to equalize's database, sorted by race and field of work.

Real Estate
Legal Services

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The information provided on this page comes from our database that is in constant evolution. You can contribute to these numbers as well by filling out a Wage Report Form.

The Division of Gender by Field of Work

The following graph shows the distribution of people who contributed to our database, sorted by their gender and field of work.

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