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Discrimination is etched into the lines of our paychecks. A closer look at racial and gender wage gaps reveals serious problems with intersectional workplace discrimination in our societal structures.

Who you are affects how you are paid. The fight for pay equity is an ongoing issue lacking proper awareness.

In order to make strides to mend this issue, we must acknowledge that systemic racism lines our communities - as well as our pockets - and specifically targets Black and Indigenous people, as well as other people of colour. This racism disenfranchises individuals in their daily lives, and contributes to cycles of discrimination and poverty - and we want to change that.

equalize is a website that displays data and reports relating to workplace discrimination and the wage gap. Our goal is to help induce change within the system by shining a light on these issues. We hope that our database and website spark public interest and constructive discussion about the wage gap and workplace discrimination. We want the workplace to change and to be a safe and equal place for everyone. Finally, we support marginalized communities and we will do our best to make their voices and stories heard.

The Wage Gap

There are serious problems in our system relating to discrimination against the Black community and other racial minorities. This can be seen simply by comparing the wages of people of different races and genders. There have been many cases where two people, who work the same job and hold the same position, receive different salaries and opportunities. In the majority of these cases, the person receiving the lower salary tends to be a person of a visible minority. Cases such as these are not uncommon and highlight the importance of fighting for equality and justice in all areas of life, including in the workplace.

The stigma surrounding sharing salaries only contributes to racial and gender income inequality. Too often, we see people attach their salary to their self worth. Thus, revealing your salary becomes the equivalent of revealing who you are. equalize anonymizes reports so that you can share your professional experiences and learn about the wage gap without having to worry about your identity.

Systemic Injustices

Differences in treatment in workplace environments and differences in education levels due to salary disparity demonstrate how income discrepancy fuels overall inequality. The wage gap is an issue stemming from a combination of injustices that many minority groups experience.

Our goal with equalize is to provide you with the information you need to recognize any subconscious prejudices and work towards eliminating them. Whether you are in a position of privilege or not, understanding the difference in salaries between you and your peers will allow us all to fight for pay equity.